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  35-watt High-Power UHF Transceiver & Repeater


User Manual

Programming Tool

FCC Licensing Information



Cable Connected Transceiver or Store-Forward Repeater

5, 20, 35-Watts

410 to 470 MHz range

25KHz or 12.5 KHz Channel Bandwidth

Supports common protocols:

Transparent EOT
Trimtalk™ / TT450S

32-channels, front panel selectable

Built-in Voltmeter displays battery status

Bail hook hangs on tripod

Metal carry handle will not crack

Industry standard Power & IO connections

TNC-Female UHF Output Port

Ports protected from physical damage

Automatic shutdown on Low Voltage

Sold in complete kits including:

antenna cable & mount
programming cable
USB-to-Serial adapter
printed User Manual
programming tool on thumb-drive

IP67, case and connectors water and dust proof

iGage Programming Tool

1-Year iGage Warranty


[ iGR Brochure ]

User Manual

[ iGR User Manual ]

The iGR radio includes a printed User Manual to help you deploy and use the radio. No need to search for online PDF's!

Programming Tool

[ Latest iGR Programming Tool ]

The programming tool is included on a thumb-drive distributed with the radio. Or you can download the latest version using the link above.

The iGage Programming Tool makes configuring the iGR a snap. Frequency mis-matches are flagged, probable programming errors generate concise warnings, entering the Tx frequency automatically populates the Rx frequency, plus many more time-saving features.

FCC Certification

  An FCC License with Call Sign is required to operate the iGR. Licensing details are in the User Manual.


A FCC License is required to use this radio. We highly recommend [ FIT ] for assistance.

If you provide your FCC License information we will pre-configure the radio, otherwise the radio is delivered unconfigured.


  The iGR repeater kit is complete and includes:

iGR Radio
5dBi Antenna with Mount (5/8" 11TPI), UHF Cable to TNC Connector
Programming / Power Cable
Power to Alligator-Clips Cable
USB-to-Serial Adapter for Programming on a PC
Supervisor Code (required for programming)
Printed User Manual

MSRP $1,640    (updated 3 June 2024)

Shipping is NOT included with purchase.
Bundled pricing is available with iGx receivers
purchased from iGage.

Accessory Pricing

Connected external radio operation requires a communication/power cable. Repeater operation does not require a communication cable.

Cables for external cable-connected radio use (additional information):

2004030051 PN 2004030051; CHC (X91+/X900+/P3/N71) to iGR/ADL Data Cable, includes power cable with clips.

Powers receiver and radio, uses power clip cable supplied with the radio or supplied clips.

A00630 Ashtech/Spectra (ProMark/ProFlex 500,800, ZMax, most Javad & Topcon)

Note: this cable does not power the GNSS receiver. A separate external power cable is typically required. The power cable included with the iGR radio can be used to connect this cable to your battery for powering the radio.
66656-10 iGage iG8, iG8a, iG9, iG9a; CHC i70, i80, i90, i86; Trimble R12, R10, R8S, R8 series, R7, 5700, 5800, 4800, 4700; Spectra Epoch 35, Epoch 50 SP80, SP85 GNSS receivers

Powers receiver and radio, uses power clip cable supplied with the radio.

A00780 Carlson: BRx7, BRx6
E-Survey: E300, E500, E800, E900
Gintec: G20, G30, G30 PRO
Genec/SxBlue: F100, F90
GeoMax: Zenith 60, 10, 20, F2
Hemisphere: C631, S631
Stonex: S990A, S980A, S900A, S900, S850A, S700A
  E500, E800, G970II, G970IIPro, G960, G970C,
  G990II, G950, G960

Powers receiver and radio, uses power clip cable HJ379 supplied with the radio.


Each of the following accessories are included in the iGR kit:

HJ379 SAE 2-pin to Alligator Clips with 15A Fuse;
1.85 m length
HJ394 Data + Power Cable, LEMO to 2-pin SAE
and 9-pin DB9S, 30 cm length
QC45AL 450-470 MHZ, 1.08 meter antenna,
5/8" 11-TPI mount, cable, TNC connector

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TRIMMARK™, TRIMTALK™ are Trademarks of Trimble.
Satel® is a Registered Trademark of Satel Oy Limited Liability Corporation, Finland.
The names of other supported receivers and the manufacturer names may be trademarked by the respective manufacturers.

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