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i83 GNSS RTK receiver packages

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On Sale Now!

The best under-canopy performance on the brightest tablet.

+ + + + = $ 11,500!


This is the best non-visual receiver + data collector bundle package available anywhere.

Best under-canopy performance: the i83 is the fastest fixing, most reliable engine available. Matched Base+Rover pairs smoke every other receiver under heavy canopy. We are ready to prove it to you.

Tough full featured receivers: 34-hour operation, fast charging, built-in LTE cell modem, 2-watt transmit, high sensitivity UHF radio, High-Speed 5 GHz Wi-Fi control allows nearly instantaneous configuration. Free APIS networking allows cellular correction backhaul without subscriptions.

Best Field Software: LandStar8 is the real deal, ready for all survey tasks in the USA. It is fast, dependable, crash free and runs on most Android phones, tablets and controllers. We deliver perpetual (no annual maintenance), fair-use (infinite transfers between 5 devices) licenses.

Brightest, toughest field tablet: The Tripltek 9 Pro has the brightest (1300 nits sustained), for continuous use in hot and bright environments. 10-hours on a charge at full speed and full brightness. Fast 36-watt charging goes from 1 to 95% in 3-hours.

iGage Support and Service: ask our customers, iGage supports and services the equipment we sell. We literally wrote the book on LandStar8 and can support your applications better than any other supplier.

Price: $11,500 is the complete price for a Base + Rover pair, with a data collector and a perpetual copy of LandStar8. UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the USA is included. We have [ factory financing available. ]

Note: this is a sale, prices are subject to change, call us and get a written estimate to lock in pricing for 30-days.



Smart and Versatile

Integrated IMU GNSS with 2-watt Tx/Rx UHF Modem and internal cell modem in a compact design.

Up to 34-hour operation as a UHF or network Rover.

7-pin LEMO for external RS-232 radio and extended power.

Network and Base-Rover pair kits are available with special pricing and delivery options, please call!

[ Datasheet ]


The i83 receiver matches the legendary under canopy performance of the i89, i93 and iBASE visual receivers without the visual survey cameras.

Full GNSS tracking: 1408-channels taking advantage of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou (with BeiDouIII) providing robust data quality and unequaled under canopy performance and short time-to-fix in challenging environments:

  GPS L1C, A, L2P(Y), L2C, L5; GLONASS L1,L2; Galileo E1, E5a, E5b, E6;
  BeiDou B1I, B2I, B3I, B1C, B2a, B2b; QZSS L1, L2, L5, L6; PPP B2b-PPP; SBAS L1, L5

IMU Tilt Compensation: With a high-speed IMU coupled GNSS with fast 3-second initialization and 200Hz updates delivering 3cm accuracy up to a 30-degree pole tilt.

Field Software: detailed comparison

LandStar8: All devices are fully compatible as native instruments with LandStar8 field software. LandStar8 is the preferred solution for new users and deployments and required for Visual Survey applications.

X-PAD: All devices are supported by X-PAD, however the visual stakeout and visual survey capabilities of the i89 and i93 are not supported.

Field Genius: All devices are compatible with Field Genius Android. Manual entry of antenna parameters may be necessary.

SurvXX: All devices are nominally compatible with SurvCE / SurvPC Version 6.05 / 6.08 with some [ caveats ].

Radio: 2-watt Internal Radio. The i83 also has a standard 7-pin LEMO (9-28 VDC power + RS-232) ports for connection to an external radio and power source. External power does not charge the internal batteries. The i83 supports the CHC516 compressed correction format to extend Base run time.

External Power and Charging: The i83 has internal batteries which are charged by a Type-C cable. An optional 7-pin LEMO can be used for external power allowing the i83 to run indefinitely.

Network Cell Modem: The i83, i93 and iBASE have Quectel EG25-G LTE 4G modems with support for:
   LTE-FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28

i83 Pricing

Every Base and Rover includes

i83 Rover (or Base) Kit
  A19318980901070002 i83 GNSS Receiver
  4101 030 004 UHF Whip Antenna(450-470MHz KQT450GT)
  0105 030 069 Type-C USB Cable
  4106 040 054 Transport Hard Case/ Rover
  2004 040 058 Carbon Fiber pin-lock adjustable Range Pole
  4102 070 001 Auxiliary H.I. Tool (Silver)
  2004 050 073 Power Adapter / charger

NOTE: All receivers are fully activated and include UHF Radio, LTE Modem, IMU tilt compensation and a carbon-fiber 2 meter pin-lock adjustable pole.

These bundles are sale priced and may be modified at any time, please call for a written estimate to lock in prices for 30-days.

These bundles are eligible for [ iGage 10-24 financing ]

Base + Rover Pair Kits


i83 Complete Base Rover Pair with TT9P tablet & LS8

Base + Rover pair + Tripltek 9 Pro w/ brackets + LandStar8

+ + + +

$ 14,325

sale $ 11,500

i83 Complete Base Rover Pair with S55 terminal & LS8

Base + Rover pair + S55 w/ brackets + LandStar8

+ + +

$ 14,545

sale $ 11,300

i83 Base Rover Pair

Base + Rover pair


$ 12,580

sale $ -call-

Network Rover / Base single receiver Kits


i83 Network Rover with TT9P tablet & LS8

Rover + Tripltek 9 Pro w/ brackets + LandStar8

 + + + +

$ 7,545

sale $ 6,600

i83 Network Rover with S55 terminal & LS8

Rover + S55 w/ brackets + LandStar8

+ +

$ 8,255

sale $ 6,400

 i83 Single Receiver Base

$ 6,290

sale $ -call-

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