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 S55 Rugged Android Collector


The S55 is designed to handle the most complex surveying tasks with ease thanks to its powerful 2.0 GHz processor, Android 12 operating system and full QWERTY keyboard.

The 1920 x 1080 pixels, 500 nits, S55 features a 5.5-inch display, providing field visibility and comfort for the operator.

The full QWERTY keyboard makes data entry quick and easy; it features 4 customizable function keys and a dedicated button for point surveying in the field.

With a 9000mAh battery, the S55 provides up to 18 hours of continuous use, making it the perfect tool for long surveying sessions.

S55 Pricing

S55 Android Controller

  includes Controller, Charger, Cable, Pen

$ 1,320

S55 Pole Bracket

  includes both pole and collector brackets

$ 155


  S55 Android Controller + Bracket + LandStar 8

$ 1,965

Discounts when bundled with GNSS receivers available.


S55 Pictures

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