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Why the RS10?

The RS10 has an integrated RTK receiver which uses the same technology (OEM Engine, high speed 200 Hz IMU) that powers the flagship CHC RTK receivers. The RS10 even has a pole mount to use the RS10 directly as a RTK receiver using LandStar8.

The RS10 also has three, 5-Megapixel synchronous shutter (global) cameras for recording colorization data.

Finally, the RS10 has a CHC built, 16 or 32-line LIDAR scanner.

The RS10 uses the same batteries as in most CHC equipment and runs for 1-hour per battery. Batteries are hot swappable.

First off pricing...

The RS10 is available in a 16 and 32-line version. You can purchase the SLAM License annually or perpetually. The perpetual license is the same as 3-years annual. The kits include a LT800 tablet, see the [ Bill of Materials ].

RS10 (16 line) MSRP $22,990
RS10 (32 line) MSRP $39,990
RS10 1Y SLAM License MSRP $2,990
RS10 Perpetual SLAM License MSRP $8,990

Example: RS10 (16 line) with perpetual slam license, MSRP cost is $31,980

[ Bill of Materials for RS10, 16-line, with part numbers, and accessory pictures ]

Datasheets and use videos

[ Datasheet ]

[ Videos of Mark and Oskar collecting data with the RS10 ]

Downloading support tools

CoPre is the PC program for post-processing, adjusting and exporting data. I

SmartGo is the Android tool that runs on the tablet while collecting data with the RS10.

You can install these tools, self-service a demo and then play with the sample data (below).

[ CoPre ] [ SmartGo ] [ CoProcess ]

Sample data

There is an extensive set of sample data collected from RS10, AA10, AA20 described in this document with links to WeTransfer filesets:

[ Sample Data ]

Again, don't hesitate to ask questions. If I don't know the answers, I should be able to find them.


RS10 Processing Times

Microsoft Surface 5:47

HP Laptop 2:17

Dell Desktop 1:23


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