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All Topo Maps V7 Pro GIS and CAD Basemaps


You can see GIS exports in action in Chapter 25 of the AllTopo Training Videos [ here! ]


All Topo Maps V7 Pro imports and exports industry standard shapefile. Shapefiles may be imported and exported using UTM, Lat/Lon and State Plane projections.

Raster Backgrounds

All Topo Maps V7 Pro exports raster maps as:

  • GeoTIF images

  • .TIF with .TFW worldfiles

  • .BMP with .BPW worldfiles

  • .PNG with .PGW worldfiles

  • .JPG with .JGW worldfiles

  • .GIF with .GFW worldfiles

  • .IMD for SurvCE/FASTSurvey background maps

With BigTopo 9 you may specify the exported map projection (UTM, State Plane, latitude/longitude and equal area latitude/longitude) and choose collarless or to recollar.

Arbitrary coverages at full or reduced resolution can be produced from any of the available map scales.

DEM and XYZ Files

All Topo Maps V7 Pro will export elevation models as .DEM or .XYZ formats in Lat/Lon, UTM or State Plane projection with user specified spacing and vertical units.

GPX and KML Files

All Topo Maps V7 will directly export GPX files and KML files.


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